“Preparing for an Uncertain Future” with Reana Rossouw

By |2022-06-13T16:39:02+02:0013 June 2022|Consultancy, Insights, NGOs, Podcast|

In this episode of Chasing Impact, MzN Senior Consultant Carolin Gomulia interviews Reana Rossouw, the owner of Next Generation Consultants, a leading South African Management Consulting firm with a wealth of experience in the social innovation, shared value, humanitarian and sustainable development environments. They discuss how professionals in the development and humanitarian ecosystem can prepare for an uncertain future.

Starting an NGO – Lessons from War Child Deutschland

By |2022-02-21T12:57:59+01:0021 February 2022|Insights, Podcast|

In this episode of Chasing Impact, MzN Senior Consultant Carolin Gomulia interviews Lydia Sleifir from War Child Deutschland about what it was like to start an NGO as part of a duo, what challenges they experienced, the lessons they learned and how they managed to secure funding.

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