Donor & Investor Services

Our Mission

We help foundations and donors to transform their philanthropic visions and past grant-making into a future-proof strategy and a clear action plan. Flowing from the core purpose and desired legacy impact we help by

  • Crafting and renewing the organisational vision and values that are truly actionable and resonate across the board.
  • Establishing success and impact metrics to track progression objectively.
  • Implementing critical organisational and operational changes necessary to run an efficient organisation.
  • Enhancing strategy and operational practices to navigate challenges and seize opportunities for impact.

Our Approach

Our methodology often involves deep engagement with NGOs and local implementers from our network, right from the initial stages of strategy development. This leads to an accelerated and much more pragmatic implementation of the new strategy.

We also engage our extensive network of thematic experts covering nearly all sector areas. This hands-on approach ensures practical application of theory and maximises clarity.

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Philanthropy & Foundation Impact

We help private and corporate foundations, individual philanthropists and family offices drive impact and system-level change that does good. BETTER. 

Philanthropy and Impact Investing present a major opportunity to build a better world. It can take risks that public bodies cannot and catalyse breakthrough innovation, making the lived-experience of millions of people better. However, they can also fail or underperform. If not implemented effectively. 

Our team specializes in helping foundations, philanthropists, and family offices create efficient and high-impact ways of improving the world.

As an organisation coming from the non-profit world, we combine deep expertise and local network with a global reach. With expertise in agriculture, public health, gender and racial equity, education, humanitarian aid, financial inclusion, and other areas, we build philanthropic organizations that drive impact and system-level change.

We often leverage our NGO network and invite them to co-create strategies. As we include potential future awardees early, our strategies are quickly rolled out.

What we do

  1. Build and improve philanthropic organisations, with strategies, operations, structures and governance models that deliver at scale. 
  2. Design impact strategies in close collaboration with the actual people who’s lives we are trying to change for the better. 
  3. Refresh strategies, often collaborating with established foundations and donors to amplify impact and develop issue-specific theories of changes and areas of action, culminating in a clear investment portfolio and program area. 
  4. Support grantees worldwide, and provide expertise to philanthropists through to implementation. 
  5. Evaluate impact and learn for continuous improvement.

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Supporting Implementing Organisations

We support grant and other funding recipients undergoing major change or facing strategic, operational or organisational challenges. Working in a clear, yet highly participatory way we identify and solve for the challenges that the donor and grantee need to overcome to deliver impact.

In doing so we are often working closely with and are frequently engaged by both, the grantee and the donor.  Our training programme is often delivered in addition (and mostly free of charge) to implementers to cement the capacity building. 

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