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Services for NGOs

Services for NGOs, governmental organisations and social businesses

Digital transformation

Organisational Effectiveness & Restructure

We help improve organisational health and performance by enhancing structures, processes, and ways of working, including culture change.  Working in participatory ways with staff, board members and other stakeholders we help our partners to deliver programs and opportunities more efficiently and effectively.

But simply restructuring to cut out roadblocks is not usually enough. We place a particular focus on aligning the strategy and sector demands to the organisational design. Often this means building an organisation that is truly able to support locally led-development, supported by critical back-office functions.

We are known for a very participatory approach. We take the time to listen, truly understand, and only then suggest holistic strategies, working closely with our partners to promote transparency, accountability and ownership. 

In doing so, we combine our technical support, training and coaching skills and organisational strengthening strategies to help build better organisations. In most projects, we combine the advantages of digital tools with the proven impact of face-to-face interaction.  Since early 2023, AI is a central part of our work to build better processes. 

Since 2011 we partnered with over 500 non-profit organisations globally. Our partners, work on a large range of thematic issues, from advocacy, humanitarian, development, livelihoods, health focus as well as peace, arts and education.

Contact us if you like an initial conversation how to improve your organisation’s health and performance. 

Insights and updates

Upcoming webinars

Third Quarterly Funding Briefing & Donor Update

29 August 2024 @ 15:00 - 16:00 CEST

How to Get Donor Mapping Right

11 September 2024 @ 15:00 - 16:00 CEST

Introduction in venture philanthropy funding for NGOs

16 September 2024 @ 15:00 - 16:00 CEST

Write Better Proposals to Secure Better Funding

25 September 2024 @ 15:00 - 16:00 CEST

How can we help you?


A good strategy flows from your purpose.

Updated for today’s challenges and opportunities, we develop strategies jointly with our partners to

  • Respond to new challenges or opportunities 
  • Operate in new communities or on new issues
  • Update the whole organisation’s strategy

Together, we translate ambition and needs for impact into a clear, coherent and quantifiable strategy.  For this, we draw on our experience working with over 500 non-profits since 2011 as well as our peer-benchmarking database. 

Often we bring service users, beneficiaries, local implementers, donors and investors into the process, ensuring that the strategy is speaking to the market, not just the internal audience. 

Working with our partners in a highly participatory, yet structured manner, we set priorities, facilitate effective meetings and consultations, resolve roadblocks and inform draft strategies. 

Contact us if you would like an initial conversation on how to build a better strategy for your organisation.

Building for locally led development optimisation 

To be truly locally led, non-profits need to optimise their structure and sometimes even change their definition of success.

Success may not be the size of its budget, the number of country organisations it establishes, or the multitude of concurrent programs it runs. Instead, the focus shifts to things including (but not limited to):

  1. The quality of partnerships, as opposed to sheer revenue growth.
  2. Outcomes and impact, rather than geographical expansion.
  3. The ability to empower others, as opposed to expanding one’s own footprint, visibility, and revenue.

This has pragmatic implications for how the organisation is built.  We have reorganised non-profit organisations specifically to support locally led development since 2015. Working with over 200 local implementing organisations in the Global South gives us an essential perspective on the structure, financial dynamics and service platform design needed. 

Contact us if you would like an initial conversation on how to build for local leadership to boost impact in a highly participatory, yet structured manner. We set priorities, facilitate effective meetings and consultations, resolve roadblocks and inform draft strategies.

Expand & accelerate impact

Many of our partners are in need of expanding their services, either as a result of new needs, structural inequities or new opportunities to build a better world. 

Whilst expansion and acceleration of impact is often possible, it requires careful management, internally and externally. 

Where demand for our Partner’s work is growing exponentially, we work with them to expand their impact, either incrementally, or sometimes through a transformation of the organisation and approach. 

The development of a new funding model and business plan is often part of our work for our Partners. 

Contact us if you would like an initial conversation about how we support expansion and accelerated impact.

MzN Sprint

Design a solution to complex strategy challenges for aid and development organisations in 2 days.

Our sprint workshops are high-pressure cooker events where we find solutions to organisational and strategy challenges.

An MzN Sprint boosts team knowledge about where you want to go, how you might get there and what is needed. Most importantly, it improves motivation. It’s a great way to get a team together under a shared vision and pathway to success.

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