In-person Training Courses

In the dynamic landscape of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the significance of in-person training cannot be overstated. Beyond the confines of virtual platforms, face-to-face interactions foster a profound sense of community and collaboration among NGO professionals. The immediacy of in-person training allows for nuanced discussions, skill transfer, and the cultivation of a shared mission. It provides a unique platform for participants to connect on a personal level, fostering relationships that are vital for effective teamwork and the successful implementation of projects. Ultimately, the tangible, real-world experience gained through in-person training empowers NGOs to navigate the complexities of their missions with heightened efficiency and impact. We therefore look forward to welcoming you to one or more of our training courses below. 

Write Winning Proposals

In this course you will learn how to write, manage, and negotiate a winning proposal. You will improve your proposal writing skills through exercises on real proposals, case-studies from the world’s leading donors and learn together in small groups. Before and after the course, you can benefit from our online learning offers.

A great addition to this course would be to follow on with the Grants & Beyond, Diversifying Income & Building Reserves course.

Grants & Beyond; Diversifying Income & Building Reserves

Successful NGOs need the right funding mix to create impact and build a better world. But with donor funds severely restricted, and constantly changing priorities and demands, the key question is how can we build a financially sustainable NGO?

The purpose of this course is for participants to go beyond discussing their NGOs financial resources (or lack thereof) as a problem, and actively plan for a solution that lasts.

Getting Project Budgeting & Reporting Right

The budget is the most frequent reason why proposals fail to win funds. Many projects are limiting their impact due to budget management issues.

In this course you will learn how to write a winning budget in full compliance with the donor, set up an effective team approach to budgets, manage and monitor budgets as well as report on the financials effectively. This course will assist you in feeling confident in reading and creating better budgets. 

  • 25-28 March 2024, London
  • 14-17 May 2024, Nairobi
  • 4-7 June , Berlin
  • 27-30 August 2024, London
  • 10-13 September 2024, Washington DC
  • 18-21 November 2024, Berlin
  • 6-7 June 2024, Berlin
  • 11-12 September, Washington DC
  • 22-24 July 2024, Brussels