In this episode, Antonie Treuren, Program Leader, Business Developer and Learning Lead Pro-Poor Climate Resilience for Woord en Daad, walks us through the steps needed to address the root causes of poverty instead of treating symptoms, as well as why mainstreaming climate change adaptation across all programs is essential.

On this year’s World Day of Social Justice, we discuss:

  • Letting the voice of the local people be heard, our local partners know better. We discuss the steps needed to empower those living in poverty to take on leadership roles and provide them with the necessary support.
  • Systems change, it is more than just a buzzword. We discuss Woord en Daad’s guiding policy Value-based systemic change, aimed to influence the root causes of poverty and social-economic inequality.
  • How to shift our mindset from a project-oriented approach to a partnership-focused one.
  • Mainstreaming climate change adaptation across all programs using a systems approach.
  • The push towards climate-related funds, such as the Loss and Damage Fund, increases competition.
  • The Benkadi Project: Woord en Daad’s partnership across four West African countries, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Mali, focused on policy making, planning and implementation related to climate change. Benkadi, meaning ‘working together in the same direction’, has a focus on southern leadership.

    The Benkadi Project’s main objectives include strengthening the position of vulnerable groups and communities in the four countries when it comes to the effects of climate change. It aims to provide equal access for these groups and communities to rights, capabilities, and opportunities to be more resilient to climate change. The project also seeks to implement concrete actions to reduce ecosystem degradation, such as deforestation, coastal erosion, and pollution caused by gold mining. Woord en Daad works closely with governments, local communities, and the private sector in achieving its goals.

Find out more about the Benkadi Project.

About Antonie Treuren

Antonie works for Woord and Daad as Program Leader for their Inclusive Agri-Business program. He is also involved as a Learning Lead in the focal policy team, Pro-Poor Climate Resilience.

About Woord en Daad

Woord en Daad connects people worldwide in their efforts to overcome poverty and to realize a dignified existence for every individual. Their areas of focus are education, youth employment, sustainable water, and inclusive agribusiness. You can read more about Woord en Daad’s mission, vision and core values in their policy plan 2021-2025: Reach far, be near.

To find out more visit the Woord en Daad website.