Looking to foster a healthy organizational culture and achieve greater impact as an NGO leader? Look no further than this episode of Chasing Impact with Denver Frederick.

Denver Frederick, trusted advisor and executive coach to Nonprofit CEOs, shares his wealth of knowledge on how to foster a healthy organizational culture, emphasizing the importance of the CEO’s involvement and measuring progress. He also discusses the unique challenges nonprofit organizations face, such as limited budgets and a lack of investment in technology, and how these factors can impact the culture.

As NGO leaders, it is essential to empower your employees and create an environment that fosters intellectual friction, encourages diverse opinions, and allows people to speak up. Denver provides actionable advice on how to achieve this, as well as the benefits of bold leadership and embracing risk.

If you’re an NGO leader looking to enhance your organization’s impact, this episode is a must-listen. Join us as we learn from Denver’s experience in culture engineering for nonprofits. Tune in now to gain valuable insights on the future of philanthropy!

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