Unlocking the Future of Fundraising with Blockchain Technology

– with Anne Connelly

When asked what are the ideal prerequisites that would make Crypto-fundraising & operations for an NGO/charity particularly suitable, Anne Connelly replied That’s the beauty, you literally need nothing…the prerequisites are:

1) A desire to learn new things

2) Leadership willing to try new things

With this in mind, listen on to explore:

  • The shifting landscape of donor perceptions as the stigma surrounding cryptocurrencies gradually diminishes, leading to increased opportunities for NGOs to access serious revenue.
  • The convenience and accessibility that cryptocurrency offers in supporting overseas organizations, fostering innovation and reshaping philanthropy practices.
  • The strategic consideration of holding Bitcoin as part of an NGO’s financial planning. 
  • Practical advice on setting up crypto donation mechanisms and suggestions on how to gradually allocate bitcoin to strategic planning. 

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Bitcoin And The Future Of Fundraising