In this episode of Chasing Impact, Chris interviews Stephanie Draper, Chief Executive of Bond, the UK network for (now over 400) organisations working in international development. He challenges her with the following questions to which she provides some compelling responses:

  • How likely it is to achieve the SDGs in less than 8 years left – is it even possible?
  • Bond provides a space for MPs, NGOs and other actors in the development sector to gather new ideas and respond to challenges. But is talking really enough?
  • There is such a huge funding gap, and it’s getting worse. How do you see this as solvable?
  • What exactly is the role of business and investors? Should they be working more with NGOs? Or donate more?  Outsiders looking on might get the impression that they are doing their own thing. Is that the case?
  • What does the NGO of the future look like for you?
  • What is the future of BOND, in your opinion?
  • And, as a leader, how do you stay balanced while continually improving?


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Bond is the UK network for organisations working in international development. It was founded in 1993 with 61 members. Now it unites over 400 organisations, ranging from small specialist charities to large international NGOs with a worldwide presence. Bond aims to connect, strengthen and champion a dynamic network of diverse civil society organisations to help eradicate global poverty, inequality and injustice.

Stephanie Draper is Bond’s chief executive. She has spent over 20 years working to accelerate a just and sustainable future, with a focus on sustainable development. She brings extensive international experience in bringing sectors together to collaborate and shape a better future.