Bond was founded in 1993 with  61 members and has grown to 400 organisations, ranging from small, specialised charities to large international non-profits. Bond’s mission is to “connect, strengthen and champion a dynamic network of diverse civil society organisations to help eradicate global poverty, inequality and injustice.” We are honoured to contribute to these efforts by hosting regular knowledge sessions on the bond events platform, sharing our insights in the form of blog posts, and offering in-person MzN Sprint sessions.

Knowledge Sessions

Our upcoming knowledge sessions are three 3-part webinar series exploring the topics of fundraising in a post-Covid world, agile management for NGOs and mergers. See all our upcoming webinars on bond’s events page.

Fundraising in a post-Covid world

Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it. Many NGOs have been affected by the pandemic, forcing them to reassess their internal structures and funding streams. In these interactive webinars, we will explore the ideal mix of funding types to create financially sustainable and impactful organisations, present current donor strategies and assess your organisation’s funding volatility.

Part 1: “Steps towards a new funding paradigm“: Get the slides and watch the recording of Part 1 from 15 September 2021

Part 2: “Aligning your funding strategy with current donor strategies“: Get the slides and watch the recording of Part 2 from 1 December 2021

Part 3: “Fundraising in a post – COVID-19 world“: Get the slides and watch the recording of Part 3 from 16 March 2022

Agile management for NGOs

Some NGOs are faring better than others during the crisis, encouraging us to take a closer look at what key attributes these successful organisations have in common and explore what the non-profit of the future might look like (hint: it’s agile!). In these interactive webinars, we reflect on more than 10 years of building better NGOs and international organisations and identify five signals of change that help non-profit leaders chart their best courses to impact growth in 2022.

Part 1: “NGO of the new normal: agile, innovative, entrepreneurial and digital“: Get the slides and watch the recording of Part 1 from 27 October 2021

Part 2: “Four signals of change: NGO futures in 2022“: Get the slides and watch the recording of Part 2 on 19 January 2022

Register here for part 3 on May 18 2022: “Agile management for NGOs: New ways to survive and thrive


We have assisted non-profits with mergers and acquisitions, alliance structures, and joint ventures for over 10 years. We will reflect on which mergers worked, what they cost, and why merging may not always be the answer.

MzN Sprints

Our Sprints are geared towards NGO professionals who aim to solve a particularly prevalent issue or address an opportunity within their organisation with the help of an intensive 2-day workshop.

We recommend a team of 7- 10 decision makers who, together with our support, will define and tackle the specific problem or opportunity in a focused yet fun setting. Once the Sprint time has been assembled, we will contact you for a 1-hour briefing in which you describe the challenge your organisation is facing or opportunity you would like to address.

A couple of weeks before the Sprint, we will conduct a 2-hour online workshop to get an even clearer understanding of the challenge or opportunity using the MzN-Solution Map, a MzN model combining the Theory of Change approach with a Startup-Canvas.

This initial workshop is also a good way to align the team and get everyone up to speed. By the end, we should agree on the challenge or opportunity as a single sentence.

Then the Sprint begins! On day 1 of the Sprint workshop, we develop our strategy with the end in mind, set milestones and explore the route to success with “how” questions.

On day 2, we narrow our focus, use our imaginations to list everything we need for the journey, and share our findings with stakeholders, investors, partners and friends, observe their reactions and adjust our plan accordingly.
An MzN Sprint boosts our knowledge about where we want to go, how we might get there and what we need. Most importantly, it boosts motivation. It’s a great way to get a team together under a shared vision and pathway to success. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please note that MzN Sprints are for bond members only.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!