MzN’s mission is to make doing good better. For the past 10 years, we have worked extensively across the not-for-profit sector, building charities and organisations that are fit to respond to the challenges they set out to address. It has become increasingly apparent that what we do is no longer confined to the world of NGOs.

We have entered the decisive decade and the need for us all to build a more inclusive and net-zero economy has never been greater. The idea that sustainability is handled by the not-for-profit sector or only as part of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project is outdated, it needs to be part of a greater commitment to be sustainable across our value chains.

MzN International: Your Sustainability Partner

MzN International is a climate impact partner for those who are serious about improving their sustainability. We are a leading advisory practice in sustainability, climate, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters. Anchored in over 10 years of experience in decarbonisation, sustainable development practice, and humanitarian relief, we have partnered with over 1000 NGOs, UN organisations, and other intergovernmental organisations, to help them with green business building.

We understand that building an environmentally sustainable business, both small and large, is a major commitment, but the starting point is simply understanding what position you are in right now. We work with our partners from their initial sustainability assessment right through to the development and building of sustainable business models. MzN International’s experience in organisational change gives us the understanding that culture is as important as structure in this process. All of our support includes organisational culture engagement since we believe that cultural change is what really makes sustainability self-sustaining.

The Business Case for Sustainability

Whilst many sustainable business practises are driven by law and obligation, our partners understand that sustainable organisations have benefits beyond those of environmental impact. In our experience, sustainable businesses become more efficient, they improve their reputation and build stronger brand value and loyalty. We see our sustainable partners experience stronger growth, as well as attract engaged staff and strengthen stakeholder relations. In short, sustainability is more than just a tagline, it is a key competitive competence.

For more information on our sustainability services, see our Sustainability Consulting page or contact us.