We are development, sustainability, and humanitarian experts. As such, we use our extensive network and expertise to help our business partners become more sustainable and establish long-lasting partnerships with our charity and governmental partners.

Your Partner in Sustainability

We started advising humanitarian, environmental and development non-profit organizations in 2011. We build efficient business operating systems in difficult environments, including conflict regions. Today, we work with over 150 charities and governmental agencies. We work directly with the United Nations on the development and continued evolution of the Sustainable Development Goals.

This, coupled with our extensive expertise in business operations and strategies, was increasingly seen as of value to businesses who were serious about sustainability. After many years of working with mid-sized, owner-managed business and corporates in the USA, Germany, UK and Scandinavia, we officially launched our sustainability services.

The following sectors are all moving towards a sustainable future:

Electric and hybrid products, robust supply chains, CO2-neutral production and innovative mobility concepts are as much of a challenge to the industry as the financial-return demands expected by shareholders and investors.   But both the environmental and fiscal goals will only be met if the automotive industry drives towards sustainability.

Customers, regulators, investors and employees demand fair finance, inclusive access, diversity and green financial products. This can be the basis of a lasting competitive advantage. Crucially, it’s a lot better for the planet too.


The most sustainable company in the world is an energy producer. Regulators and customers demand not only renewable and affordable energy, but also sustainable and regenerative management approaches from producers.

Meeting these challenges makes sense and lowers the cost of capital, as well as the costs to the climate.

It is just as challenging, as it is a demanded by customers, investors and regulators. Customers increasingly expect their products to be sustainable and caring. Fortunately, retailers can provide more transparency and accountability, securing their competitiveness.

The sector produces about 40% of all carbon emissions, which not only means heightened responsibility for manufacturers, but also a significant opportunity to secure customer loyalty and establish a lasting competitive advantage.

Where chemical producers committed to a circular economy and sustainability in their operations and strategy, they have been rewarded with increased stock performance, and significant risk and cost reductions.

What We Do

Sustainability used to be a “nice to have” add-on in business. But it always seemed too expensive, too political and too difficult to implement.

Today, sustainability is central to successful businesses. Regulators, investors, customers and employees demand visible, accountable and effective business models that take care of the natural world, communities and people as equal stakeholders to company shareholders. Ignoring this has become a major business risk.

We help our clients make their operations, business model and strategies sustainable for planet, people and the business community. This establishes the basis for sustainable, long-term success for all stakeholders.

We use our network and decades of experience working with the United Nations and non-profit organizations to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships that advance the interest of your business, customers, shareholders, regulators and the planet.

Our areas of focus are as follows:

Future-proof social compliance management

MzN helps companies around the world to recognise, record and minimise sustainability and human rights-related risks in the supply chain.

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Together, we build strategies that are sustainably successful, for planet, people and profits.

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Successful businesses are responsible businesses. We work together to form a strategy that builds impact and can be communicated successfully.

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Not sure where to start? Join an exclusive workshop near you to learn about sustainability and how it relates to you: personally, and for business.

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How We Do It

Sustainability consulting consists of the following four areas:

  • Communication & Commitment
    Together, we develop purpose branding, keynotes and public communication content to communicate your strategy and views efficiently. Together, we report and certify on metrics to all stakeholders.
  • Strategy
    Together, we develop and kickstart a detailed strategy to reduce harm and do good, and partner with the right NGOs and government agencies. This includes team-development workshops, further analysis and detailed project plans towards sustainability.
  • Analysis
    Together, we analyse where and how your business can achieve the most positive impact for the planet and a sustainable return of investment.
  • Impulse Workshops
    Interactive workshops with expert staff create strong momentum towards sustainability and co-create the analysis foundation for the strategy.

Future-Proof Social Compliance Management in the Supply Chain

The trend towards the ESG and the sustainability expectations of consumers and regulatory pressures have intensified.

Sustainability and human rights-related risks in the supply chain can have fatal legal, as well as reputational, repercussions.

MzN helps companies around the world to recognise, record and minimise these risks and thus ensure sustainable success. Thanks to our extensive experience, especially in developing countries, together with the United Nations and NGOs, MzN is your reliable partner when it comes to social compliance management.

Future-proof Social Compliance Management

Social Compliance Management

How can we future-proof social compliance management in the supply chain?


Businesses that put sustainability at the core of their strategies and operations reduce costs and risk, gain substantial customer loyalty, develop sustainable competitive advantages, and are favored by lenders and investors.

Most business leaders we meet are earnest and open about their commitment to protect people, planet and profits. However, many need expertise and assistance in overcoming internal barriers and developing convincing strategies.

This need not be too expensive. We work with business to develop sustainability strategies that support the business strategy, each one mutually reinforcing the other. At the end of the process, there will not be a sustainability strategy and a business strategy; there will simply be a better strategy for sustainable business, planet and people.

It is beyond doubt that if we continue the way we have, we will lose the foundations of life on Earth. Long before that, we will lose customers, market share and our supply chains and, critically, our self-respect because we failed to act.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Not all CSR topics and themes are equally relevant to each company.

As with any strategy, we first must decide what matters by deciding in which areas a business can most reduce the harm it causes and do the most good. It makes no sense to invest time and money into areas that do not bring the highest possible impact return. While sustainability is certainly a long-term endeavour, we should start where it matters most.

During this process, we can make introductions to and build lasting relationships with NGOs and government agencies – to do good together.

Impulse workshops

Don’t know where to start? Join us for a one-day Impulse workshop near you to learn about sustainability, how it applies to your business, and meet other like-minded leaders.

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*Photos: The Generation Forest, our partner for carbon offset