Leading Through the “New World Disorder”

2021-09-15T17:26:44+02:0025 Feb 2020|Insights, News|

We now have less than 10 years to keep humanity’s promise to itself yet achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 still seems distant and elusive. Many of my friends and colleagues leading their own agency, NGO  or social enterprise started this year with the nagging question: “How do I prepare my organization for a Learn more

No More Restructuring! Please.

2021-09-15T16:58:19+02:0014 Jul 2019|Insights, News|

The need to change an organisation is constant. Non-profit organisations should beat the permanent catch-up playing and disruptive, expensive restructuring projects. But how? At MzN International, we explore how we can keep up with the changing environment without having to constantly go through reorganisation projects.

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