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Non-Profit Financial Planning in Uncertain Times

In this webinar, we share how we use financial scenario planning to help our NGO partners in navigating disruptive times. Discover how financial forecasting, when done well, could be a deciding factor in impact generation.

How to Turn Around a Financially Distressed NGO

In this webinar, we look at our turnaround experience helping financially distressed NGOs over the past 10 years. Hear about past and current case studies (with permission of our clients) and learn about the top three factors that make a turnaround successful.

10 Tips to Improve Your Proposal Budget

In this webinar, we will take an in-depth look at common mistakes when creating a budget, how to avoid them and what donors expect to see in a budget.

The NGO of the Future is Agile, Entrepreneurial and Digital

We reflect on 10 years of building better NGOs and International Organisations. What are the factors that successful organizations have in common? How did they do during the COVID-19 pandemic and what does the non-profit of the future look like?

Getting Your Funding Strategy Right

During this session, we will explore why a funding strategy is crucial for your financial sustainability and how it will help you with effective fundraising. We will take you through the various elements of a funding strategy and provide you with 10 steps on how to get to a funding strategy that works for you.

Merging an NGO – Experience and Reality

We have assisted non-profits with mergers and acquisitions, alliance structures, and joint ventures for over 10 years. In this webinar, we will reflect on which mergers worked, what they cost, and why merging may not always be the answer.

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