Join our USAID and EU funding updates and priorities for 2022 webinar on December 14, from 3-4 pm CET!

In this webinar, Mike Shanely, Founder and CEO of AidKonekt Data, and Chris Meyer zu Natrup, MzN Managing Director, will share USAID and EU partnering best practices their teams have learned through nearly a decade of supporting USAID and EU partnering growth strategies. Learn how to start building your organization’s USAID and EU market strategy, and ways to get started as a subcontractor by connecting with established USAID and EU primes. We will cover AidKonekt’s “4-P” process to grow in the USAID and EU market and give you tools so you can take them back to your organization to build and grow your USAID and EU work.

Mike Shanley, Founder and CEO of AidKonekt Data

Mike Shanley is the Founder and CEO of AidKonekt Data, the data platform for USAID business development teams. AidKonekt helps new USAID partners to accelerate their path to USAID funding and supports established partners to access better USAID partnering data. Designed by USAID business development specialists for their business development teams.

Mike has more than 15 years of experience in the USAID market, including as the Founder of Konektid International and working at Chemonics International. He has been invited to speak on USAID partnering best practices at humanitarian aid events and conferences, including with USAID, Devex, and other aid associations and partners. 

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To join, register here. We look forward to answering your questions on working with USAID and the EU.