A winning proposal is essential to drive new opportunities. It is the key to securing the funding you need, but doing it well is easier said than done. Crafting a strategic approach that aligns with donor priorities, demonstrates need and impact, and engages stakeholders is essential to ensure your proposal stands out from the rest. Let’s transform our skills to get it done.

Below are the key elements that will improve your grant proposal writing and increase your chances of securing the funding. Whether you’re a seasoned grant writer or just starting, these principles will guide you toward crafting proposals that stand out in a competitive field.

Proactive funding portfolios

Reacting to Requests for Proposals alone is unlikely to work. In today’s competitive environment, a proactive approach to funding is essential. Rather than simply reacting to funding opportunities, successful NGOs carefully analyze their funding needs, target and shortlist donors, and then engage with them, long before submitting proposals.

MzN Partners achieved a substantially higher success rate when co-creating programs with donors. It also results in better intelligence about calls before their release, allowing for better preparation for the program design and impact metrics. It’s about being prepared and positioning your organization as the ideal candidate for funding.

The power of collaboration

To much surprise, our training course ‘Write Winning Proposals’ does not start with proposal writing. It starts with team management. The ability to bring the collective expertise of your team together to craft persuasive proposals will ALWAYS beat even the most skilled proposal writer. Join us: We will be running these training courses across 2024, starting in Amsterdam, Berlin, and London in Q1 – for more on this and our other training courses visit https://mzninternational.com/training-courses/

The budget: the cornerstone of success

Did you know that one of the key reasons proposals fail is simply a wrong budget? A realistic and professional budget is half the battle in proposal writing. Another reason why we spend nearly a day on the budget is to create numbers that make sense and demonstrate value for money. Be prepared to negotiate confidently with donors while upholding your organization’s financial sustainability.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

In the race to secure funding, planning is paramount. Rushed proposals can lead to costly mistakes. Allocate sufficient time for precise calculations, meticulous use of donor templates, and the creation of a balanced budget that mirrors your mission’s scope and impact.

Proposal management process

It is not rocket science but still needs to be well managed. A robust proposal management process strengthens your value for money and your impact logic. Every step takes time and needs to be planned. Develop a project plan, align it with proposal requirements, and build in time for budget review and approval. We’ll guide you through the financial intricacies of different funders and provide the correct templates and information.

How our training course empowers you

Our 3 and a half day classroom-based course, enriched with online elements before and after face-to-face training, equips you with these essential skills:

  • Finding the right funding opportunities
  • Making clear Go/No-Go decisions
  • Designing an effective team-based writing process
  • Applying the log frame for a convincing proposal structure
  • Crafting compelling text and budgets
  • Understanding and surpassing donor appraisal criteria
  • Confidently negotiating with donors
  • Writing effective budgets
  • Engaging with live guest speakers from leading organizations
  • Learning how to enhance your proposal writing skills.

If you’re ready to enhance your proposal writing skills and secure better funding for your NGO, we invite you to join our comprehensive training course. Sign up now to make a bigger impact and position your organization for sustainable financial success.

  • 5-8 February 2024, Amsterdam
  • 4-7 March 2024, Berlin
  • 25-28 March 2024, London
  • 14-17 May 2024, Nairobi
  • 3-5 June , Berlin
  • 22-25 July 2024, Brussels
  • 27-30 August 2024, London
  • 3-5 September 2024, Washington DC
  • 15-18 November 2024, Berlin

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