NGOs have a fundamental flaw: Many need to work a lot harder to be financially sustainable and resilient than comparatively sized businesses. Add to that a constantly changing funding environment where traditional donor resources are restricted and priorities fluctuate and the critical question is: How can we become financially sustainable? Now. And not just for one project at a time. This course covers all key principles of sustaining funding for non-profit organizations. You will explore the appropriateness of various income sources for different organizational needs, and learn to strategically set targets to achieve a well-balanced income portfolio.

Format –

This course is a facilitated, interactive, and collaborative e-learning experience consisting of:

  • Three (3) interactive live sessions
  • Engaging video presentations to help you immerse and orient yourself,
  • Community chat forums and a WhatsApp’s group to help you connect with peers and your mentor.
  • Semi self-paced activities on our learning system. Learn where and when you want to.
  • Activities, assessments, and case studies to check your knowledge.
  • Individual mentoring sessions available at an additional cost.

After this course, you will know how to:

  • Analyze successful and struggling NGOs worldwide through real-life cases. Allowing you to learn and prepare.
  • Evaluate your own organizations financial risk now and in the future.
  • Explore the essential dynamics of financial management in nonprofits and identify the important factors between financially sustainable and struggling organizations.
  • Develop innovative funding streams through persuasive pitches to potential investors, philanthropic organizations and other new funding sources
  • Develop strategies for generating and optimizing cost recovery to maximize unrestricted funding.
  • Establish and expand financial reserves to mitigate potential shortfalls.
  • Develop tools and communicate them effectively to embark on the change journey.


Module 1 – What is financial sustainability for non-profit organizations
Module 2 – Measuring financial sustainability in a non-profit organization
Module 3 – Planning for financial health and resilience
Module 4 – Start with what we have: maximize the funding we have
Module 5 – Build the strategy to financial sustainability


Language – English
Modality – Online with live interactions
Duration –  5 weeks
Start date –  4 November
Length – 5 Modules