Smriti is working as an analyst at MzN and she has interest in the areas of international development, NGO work, and cross-cultural understanding. Her combination of academic knowledge and hands-on experience equips her with the tools to make a meaningful impact on vulnerable communities around the world. Smriti has a Masters’s degree in International Relations and Area Studies that provides her with a solid foundation to understand the geopolitical dynamics and cultural nuances of various regions. She is pursuing another Master in European Masters in Global Studies which equips her with the knowledge of the national, regional, and international organizations. Smriti’s experience working with NGOs in rural areas of India and Indonesia demonstrates her commitment to grassroots-level work and her ability to address the unique challenges faced by these communities. Smriti is passionate about projects that focus on poverty alleviation, education, healthcare, and empowerment in rural areas across Asia, (especially South Asia) and Africa.