Write your thesis with us

Write your thesis with us

You:  are a postgraduate or PhD candidate at a University wishing to research pertinent issues in the area of international development and aid and/or management and business studies.

Us:  A social enterprise, who think that development and aid should be done better and with clients and partners who work worldwide to do so.  We partner with Research Institutions and Universities worldwide producing helpful insights for the Dev/Aid industry to make aid and aid factors more efficient and effective.

If you, like us, think that the Sustainable Development Goals are vital to our generation, and if you are happy to work hard to produce lessons, insight and knowledge in doing good better, then we love to hear from you.  MzN International delivers professional services to UN, NGOs and governmental agencies. We work cross-themes, connecting knowledge, capacity and great ideas.

You find MzN International a fully digital, entrepreneurial, flexible place, where you can establish a professional home. We also frequently hire from our researchers’ alumni.

What you can do

Too often good research is caught in the ivory tower. We bring excellent research, writing and insight generation out into the practice field.  We host researchers at our offices or remotely to produce leading insight that is helpful for development and aid professionals.

You are free to suggest any research question you like. Areas of interest to us have in the past included:

  1. The role of beneficiaries in aid – from recipient to aid driver
  2. Managing globally disperse teams in aid
  3. Gender equality in the Dev-Aid Industry
  4. Digitalisation in the Dev-Aid Industry
  5. Management and Restructuring aid organisations
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility and good corporate citizenship
  7. Impact Investment

How to partner with us

Instead of doing your research holed up in relative isolation, we give talented thinkers and writers direct access to our network at nearly all development and aid organisations in the world.  We also provide a host of e-infrastructure to aid your quest (surveys, webinars hosting, travel support).

Applicants who you like to write their postgraduate thesis or PhD dissertation in our network are required:

  • To produce a valuable knowledge piece every quarter for publication on our website and press release, providing a constant stream of insight derived from your work
  • Join the monthly online meetings from anywhere in the world
  • Provide weekly status updates of your work
  • Sign a confidentiality and value-adherence statement
  • Be a pro-active communicator and be punctual, professional and friendly

We provide thinkers and writers with access to our network. A regular one to two hour meeting with senior consultants or founder to discuss the practice and inform your research. We also provide a full suit of e-tools (survey, online subscriptions to databases, cloud storage, team comms, travel booking) for your research, including laptops, mobiles and other IT required.

You are also welcome to work in our Hamburg office, though this is not a requirement.  If you choose to do so, we will pay for an unlimited public transport ticket in Hamburg and after 6 months provide a bike for private use (returnable) and a gym membership.

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