Why is transparency so important?

At MzN International, we always encourage our collaborators and clients to be more transparent with their work, and frequently, we are asked why this is so important. Transparency allows an organisation to not only showcase its successes, but also honestly reflect upon its weaknesses, driving innovation and improvement. This also makes you accountable for your results, and encourages better performance.

The benefits of increased transparency are not only internal, but external. This is especially important in the current climate, as foreign aid budgets are placed under large amounts of political pressure, and faith in the nonprofit sector wavers, with accusations of waste and neocolonialist practice. Transparency can play a vital role in restoring confidence in a sector that does essential work around the world.

We practice what we preach. We publish all of our training feedback, where confidentiality permits. Taking the decision to lead by example and implement what we suggest in our own work has allowed us to reflect and improve upon our work. You can take a look at how we do so in our most recent Transparency Report.