Business Support Executive

Business Support Executive

Part-time and flexible schedule: Vacancy

Business Support Executive


MzN International is a consultancy business, operating as a B-corp (pending) working worldwide to help our non-profit and corporate clients improve.

We are looking for a Business Support Executive to join our global team. This part time job is fully flexed

•Part time: 41 hours per month

•Flex time: Most (around 75%) of the time effort is fully flexible, i.e. the post holder can work where and when it suits

•75% home based: Most of the work time can be based anywhere in the world

The duties of the post holder include, but are not limited to: We hire bias-free and only on the basis qualifications, experience, professionalism, reliability and motivation.

Financial Management

1.Scan & log expenses + receipts and other financial documentation into XERO, our online bookkeeping tool

2.Log supplier invoices into XERO

3.Control consultants timesheets and prepare sales invoices on a monthly basis (within the first 5 working days of every calendar month)

4.Make payments following approval (on 3 set payment dates per month)

5.Pro-actively seek and find cost-saving opportunities amongst our subscriptions and digital work environment

6.Prepare management financial management accounts every 6 months,which will be published

7.Prepare monthly financial management reports for internal use (2 pages)


1.Manage suppliers (contracts, payments, administrative correspondence)

2.Support consultants in administrative questions (expenses, time logging, etc).

3.Support consultants with travel bookings and planning

4.Maintain our business registrations, support our tax advisors with tax compliance and support

Essential skills needed are

1.Good online behaviour (present when online, efficient and responsive)

2.100% reliable and trustworthy: Say what you mean, do what you say!

3.Experience with accounting software XERO and other common digital tools like Slack (instant chatting tool), Google Documents, Microsoft Office etc

4.Financial management experience and ability to work with tax advisors in Germany

This part time job can be based anywhere in the world. Video-meetings in the CET timezone are required.

In line with tax legislation, team members based in Germany will be hired on the basis of a mini-job (EUR450 per month), Team members based elsewhere will be remunerated in line with local tax legislation.

Team members based near Hamburg, Germany can use our shared office space. Until 31 December 2021 a negative Corona test no older than five days or a vaccination proof is required to enter our office.

To apply, send your CV with a covering email to, using Application: BizSupport Executive as a subject line.