Training Report: Context Programme, Dakar, 17th-27th October

Last month, MzN International traveled to Dhaka to hold workshops with Cohorts Six and Seven of our Context Programme. The Programme – held in partnership with Oxfam GB – is designed to build the capacity and confidence of participants working in humanitarian disaster response. Workshops build upon existing skills and run alongside existing working commitments, spanning six months for Core Skills and nine months for the Management and Leadership participants.

Participants from both the Core Skills and Management & Leadership groups joined us for two workshops over eight days. The trainers, Rakibul Hassan and Daniel Pugh brought extensive experience and insights from their time in the sector, and facilitated the workshop activities. The program aims to build confidence, so participants had numerous opportunities to lead their own work, encouraging them to engage with and put humanitarian principles into practice, ready for work in the field.

A regular feature of MzN training, we invited guest speakers to each workshop. For the Management and Leadership course, we had the UN Resident Coordinator for Bangladesh, as well as Emergency Response and Preparedness Coordinator for CARE. Core Skills participants hosted the Senior Manager of Safety and Security from Save the Children. These guest speakers helped to impart a deeper understanding through their expertise in humanitarian response.

One highlight for us was our success in fulfilling a commitment local NGOs and women in Bangladesh. 64% of participants in the two workshops were workers from local NGOs, and 35% of overall participants were female. MzN International and Oxfam GB feel that through leading by example, we can help to diminish the influence of technocracy and gender inequality in the sector.

More information on the Context Programme can be found on the official website

Those interested in applying for the Context Programme can visit our training pages for Core Skills or Management and Leadership