Topic 3: Involving team members in each step

As we discussed earlier in the section ‘Information gathering prior to a call’, there are some great steps to coming to an informed decision, and your team should be a part of that decision-making process. Involving team members in the decision-making process is crucial for ensuring buy-in, fostering collaboration, and leveraging diverse perspectives. Here’s how you can involve team members in each step of your decision process:

  1. Understanding the opportunity: Conduct team meetings or workshops to review the funding opportunity together. This allows team members to ask questions, share insights, and collectively assess whether the opportunity is relevant to your organisation.
  2. Assessing alignment: Team members from different departments or functional areas can provide input on how well the opportunity aligns with your organisation’s strategic goals and programs. This collaborative assessment ensures a comprehensive evaluation.
  3. Gathering required information: Team members can be assigned specific tasks related to gathering required information for the proposal. This could include research, data collection, or drafting sections of the proposal document.
  4. Identifying partners/stakeholders: Collaboration with team members from partnership development or external relationship departments helps identify potential partners or stakeholders who can enhance the proposal’s impact and credibility.
  5. Sharing responsibilities: Clear delegation of responsibilities ensures that each team member knows their role in the proposal development process. Regular check-ins and communication channels are established to facilitate collaboration and address any challenges.
  6. Working in a collaborative fashion: As the proposal development process progresses, team members can contribute to various aspects such as narrative writing, budgeting, and reviewing/editing. Feedback loops can be established to ensure quality and alignment with organisational goals.

By involving team members in each step of the process, you are able to harness the collective expertise and insights of your team, ultimately leading to stronger and more impactful funding proposals.


Module 3 has provided invaluable insights into the process of making informed decisions when it comes to funding opportunities. Through the exploration of topics such as information gathering prior to a call, the implementation of a structured Go-No Go process, and the importance of involving team members at each step, you have hopefully gained a better understanding of the intricacies involved in securing funding effectively, and making informed decisions.