Topic 1: Questions your proposal should answer

BeneficiariesHow many people will benefit from the project (primary and secondary), and what are their specific needs?
Organisational ContextWhat are the overall aims of your organisation, and how do your organisational systems engage and reflect your beneficiaries (in terms of governance, staffing, and consultation)?
Relevance of External EnvironmentHow does your project fit in with the work of other organisations? How do you complement, not duplicate, their work? What partnerships are involved? What is the relevance of the project to donor funding criteria and policies?
Project DetailsWhat are the aims of the project (Be SMART)? What are the key activities? When does the project start, and what is the timescale for completion? How much funding is required, and for what (the inputs)?
Monitoring & EvaluationHow will you monitor the project (in terms of outcomes and/or process)? How will this information be used in the evaluation process? How will you disseminate the results?
Continuation Plans If the project continues beyond our funding period, how will you fund it in the long term?

Answering these questions comprehensively and concisely in your proposal will provide clarity, demonstrate alignment with donor priorities, and enhance the likelihood of securing funding for your project.