Topic 1: Information gathering prior to a call

Information gathering prior to a call

Before starting any funding opportunity, thorough information gathering is essential. This process involves collecting pertinent details about the opportunity, the funding organisation, and the requirements involved. This process typically unfolds through the Go-No Go process. Below are the aspects typically involved in gathering information prior to a call and making good decisions.

  • Really understanding the opportunity: Begin by thoroughly researching and understanding the funding opportunity. This includes reviewing the call for proposals or grant guidelines, understanding the objectives, eligibility criteria, and any specific requirements set forth by the funder.
  • Assessing alignment with your organisation/programs: Evaluate how well the  opportunity aligns with your organisation’s mission, goals, and existing programs. Consider whether the proposed project fits within your strategic priorities and has the potential to contribute positively to your organisation’s objectives.
  • Gathering all required information: Collect all necessary documents and information needed to prepare a competitive proposal. This may include financial documents, organisational policies, past project reports, and any other relevant materials specified by the funder.
  • Identifying relevant partners/stakeholders: Determine if there are any potential partners or stakeholders whose involvement could enhance the proposal’s strength or increase its chances of success. This could include collaborating with other organisations, engaging community members, or leveraging existing networks.
  • Sharing responsibilities among the team(s): Distribute tasks and responsibilities among team members to ensure efficient information gathering. Assign roles such as researching funding requirements, gathering financial data, drafting proposal sections, and coordinating with partners.
  • Getting the wheels in motion: Establish clear timelines and milestones for gathering information, ensuring that each task is completed on schedule. Communicate effectively with team members, provide necessary support, and address any challenges or obstacles that may arise during the information gathering process.

By conducting thorough information gathering prior to pursuing a funding opportunity, you can lay a solid foundation for developing a competitive proposal and increase your organisation’s chances of success.