Topic 1: Getting to know your donors

Understanding donors is fundamental to crafting successful funding proposals. By gaining insight into their priorities, preferences, and past engagements, as an NGO you can tailor your approaches and increase your chances of securing funding. Let’s explore effective methods for scoping out potential donors and maximising funding opportunities.

What Sectors/Types of work are you seeking funding for?

Identifying the specific sectors or types of work for which you are seeking funding is the first step in scoping out potential donors. Whether it’s education, healthcare, environmental conservation, or social development, clearly defining your funding needs will help you narrow down your search and target the most relevant donors.

Institutional funding agencies you have worked with

Drawing on past experiences with institutional funding agencies can provide valuable insights into potential donors’ priorities and preferences. By documenting and reviewing previous collaborations, you can identify recurring themes, successful strategies, and areas for improvement in your donor engagement efforts.

Using technology and networks to find funding opportunities

Technology and networking can be powerful tools for identifying new funding opportunities. Platforms like offer a wealth of resources, including articles, funding databases, and networking opportunities, to help you stay informed about the latest funding trends and opportunities. Additionally, leveraging your professional network and engaging with consultants can provide valuable insights and connections to potential donors.

Strategies and techniques for scoping donors

To effectively scope out donors, it’s essential to employ a variety of strategies and techniques. These may include some of the aspects in the image below:

By employing these techniques and leveraging available resources, you can enhance your donor scoping efforts and position yourself for success in securing funding for your organisation’s mission and projects.

Activity: Survey to reflect on which advantages and disadvantages using Devex and other portals.