Introduction to the course

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) face a significant challenge when it comes to financial sustainability and resilience. Unlike businesses of similar size, NGOs must work much harder to achieve these goals. Additionally, the funding environment for NGOs is constantly changing with limited traditional donor resources, and shifting priorities. Therefore, it is crucial to find ways to become financially sustainable. A critical question becomes: How can we become financially sustainable?

This course covers all the key principles for non-profit organisations’ funding sustainability. You will investigate the suitability of various income sources for different organisational needs and learn how to set goals to strategically achieve a well-balanced income portfolio.

1-Hour Webinar: Course Introduction, Overview and Discussion on financial sustainability for NGOs

This live webinar offers a thorough introduction to the course, covering essential concepts, strategies, and best practices for achieving financial sustainability in the nonprofit industry. Whether you have years of experience or are new to the nonprofit world, this webinar offers valuable insights and practical advice to help you navigate the financial landscape with confidence.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Course Introduction: Learn about the structure and goals of our financial sustainability course, designed specifically for non-profit organisations.
  • An overview of key topics: Improve your understanding of critical concepts like assessing financial health, managing risks, diversifying income streams, and achieving full cost recovery.
  • Interactive Discussion: Participate in lively discussions and Q&A sessions with our expert facilitators and fellow participants, sharing your experiences, challenges, and best practices for non-profit financial management.

Date: 29th May – 13h00-14h00

Topic: Course Introduction, Overview and Discussion on financial sustainability for NGOs

Webinar Link:

Host: Chris Meyer za Natrup

During the webinar, it was mentioned that this course aims to teach practical tools to assess the current financial status of your organization and establish financial stability. The course will cover methods to manage administrative costs, diversify revenue streams, find unrestricted funding and engage stakeholders in new ways to achieve long-term financial success.

This course is designed for NGO professionals who work to advance social missions and aim to strengthen their organization’s resilience. It is an introductory course that will provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to work effectively with money.