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Making a difference requires the right financial muscle. Non-profit organisations deliver more impact if they are sustainably funded.

We work with our clients to strengthen their funding base. Together, we develop strategies that deliver the right funding mix and implement strategies that build healthy financial reserves. Our business development advisors help our clients approach institutional and new donors, build traditional and digital fundraising strategies, and focus on the right donors. Our team also delivers hands-on proposal writing support.

A range of tailored services support non-profit organisations in realising their funding ambitions. FundingWatch© alerts eligible organisations to new funding opportunities. Our assistance agreements make proposal writing capacity available in less than 24 hours, worldwide.

Digital Transformation

Digital technology is transforming the way societies work. It is changing how we work together, communicate with each other, and build trust in people and organisations.

As the pace of change accelerates, it is easy to become inspired by its potential, and still easier still to get lost and distracted by the hype.

The potential of digitalisation is incredible. Digital fundraising campaigns, real-time M&E and reporting, collaborative work tools, instant beneficiary feedback, block-chain driven projects, sensor technology and more are clear and present opportunities.

However, focussing on technology alone is unlikely to yield success.

Together with our clients, we discern which digital technologies provide realistic value now. We look at which technology is scalable and can improve efficiency across the organisations.

We know that “going digital” needs more than being tech-savvy. Changes in work processes, organisational culture, staff training, beneficiary and donor engagement, and other areas need to be carefully planned, well executed and clearly communicated.

Since 2011, we have helped our partners create more impact using digital technologies.  We build digital capabilities to transform how our clients do good and we change analogue ways of working to take advantage of digital ones.

Digital Transformation

Organisational Restructuring & Institutional Reform

Helping organisations work better is at the core of what we do.

Working efficiently and delivering maximum impact is critical for development aid organisations. Constant and rapid changes in the environment require the continual adoption of new processes and strategic alignments. To determine how to improve an organisational model, it is sometimes critical to get an external perspective in order to take a good, hard look at what really counts and how it is working.

We help our clients adapt to change and operate better. We streamline work processes and strategies to help our clients concentrate more on what generates impact. Our team works with leading NGOs, UN agencies and many government authorities to build better performing organisations.

We know that people do not mind change; they just mind being changed. Therefore, in all our work, we follow our human design thinking approach.

Since 2011, we have restructured NGOs and UN agencies and led institutional reform processes in public institutions.

Capacity Development

Capacity development is at the core of our work at MzN International. Whether in NGOs, the private sector, international organisations or public institutions, we work together to build stronger systems and skills, building initiatives that deliver capacity.

Through our human design thinking approach, we develop holistic strategies, working closely with our partners to promote transparency, accountability and ownership. We combine technical support, training and coaching skills and organisational strengthening strategies to help build better organisations. In most projects, we combine the advantages of digital tools with the proven impact of face-to-face interaction.

Since 2011, we have built better processes and systems in organisations across 20 countries. Combining these improved processes and systems with tailored training and performance monitoring schemes, we help our clients do good, better.

Proposal Writing Support
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Proposal writing support

Use our proposal development form here if you need help writing a convincing donor proposal.

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Deciding how to measure the impact of an advocacy campaign.

Assistance agreement

Non-profit clients with an assistance agreement can deploy a donor expert within 24 hours worldwide. Contact us here for more information.