MzN Annual GHG Emissions Calculation

MzN Annual GHG Emissions Calculation

Doing Good Can Be Done Better: Making a Greener World by Calculating and Offsetting MzN’s operational Carbon Footprint.


For our first year, here’s how we did it!

In a recent company meeting, the assembled staff discussed MzN’s commitment to going “carbon neutral” (or possibly even “carbon positive”) and how to develop a credible estimate of our own Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions for the 2019 operational year. As a first step, we began to look at MzN’s GHG emissions based on the standard categories that define various sources of GHGs. This includes, as illustrated in Greenfleet Trust graphic below

  • our own direct emissions (Scope 1),
  • the indirect emissions related to purchased electricity (Scope 2),
  • and other “indirect emissions” (Scope 3).





Calculating all the emissions from all sources together, MzN International produced in total 68.9 tones of GHG emissions in 2019. In preference of moving towards a “carbon positive” standard, we decided to support the Generation Forest: With the help of MzN International, the Generation Forest is able to plant one hectare of trees in Panama.

Please make a contribution and join this initiative. Together we can make the world a greener place!