Internship in Hamburg

Position: Intern
Contract: full time, 6 to 9 months
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Start Date: Summer 2019

MzN International is a social enterprise, passionate about Doing Good, but convinced
that it can be done Better. We think that humanitarian and development actors should
be sustainable financed, professionally run, transparent and fully accountable – so that
they can operate efficiently and deliver effective services to communities worldwide.
A small team with global reach and a large roster of core consultants, we work in over 23
countries, we provide advisory and capacity building services to (I)NGOs, IOs, local
governments and community representatives with the aim to improve their output and increase
their impact.

Inters at MzN International become full team members, taking on the same responsibilities
and duties as a new-starter. This ensures that interns are integral part of our work, not
merely observers, in turn ensuring that the intern makes realistic and real experiences for
a later career start in the development and aid sector. In 2015 and 2017, most of our
new starters hired were former interns.

You will work across all these sectors:

  • Training & Coaching:
    You will assist on the management and implementation of training and coaching projects worldwide,
    as well as the writing of proposals and development of new projects. You will also support the
    active communication of our service offering in this area. This includes social media marketing.
  • Non-Profit Technical Advisory: 
    You will assist and support the management and implementation of ongoing consultancy assignments
    worldwide, as well as the writing of proposals and development of new projects. Help us build better
    NGOs and fund them properly. You will also support the active communication of our service offering in
    this area.

Tasks and responsibilities vary, but typically include document design support for consultancy assignments, communication and marketing support for training courses worldwide and research into humanitarian scenario’s and development matters.

The primary purpose of the internship is educational. All internships should therefore be a required by the interns Universities studies plan  an integral part of your degree. A confirmation from your University will be requested.
We strongly recommend internships lasting at least 6 months. All internships are full time (Monday to Friday, 40hrs,  09:00 to 17:30) and gratuity of EUR350 plus a local travel ticket will be paid.


Our internship scheme is very popular and we receive a lot of applications. Please
therefore ensure that you meet ALL requirements below:

  1. Minimum period of six months (see above).
  2. Your university requires the internship to be completed as part of your studies.
  3. Genuine and well-reasoned motivation to work in the development and
    humanitarian aid sector
  4. You are currently doing an under- or postgraduate degree at a recognized
    University, or have recently completed one.
  5. Personal integrity, punctuality and reliability
  6. Attention to detail is essential
  7. Must be eligible to live and work in the EU
  8. Excellent communication skills in English
  9. Able to work full time, Monday to Friday
  10. Willingness to work in Hamburg, Germany.

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