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Humanitarian Management & Leadership (HM1)

How do our trainings look like?


This course provides participants with knowledge about the universal humanitarian standards and best practice, tailored to the specific local context. This course is essential for anyone working within the humanitarian field.

On successful completion, participants will be able to demonstrate:

1. Knowledge and practical skills implementing an effective humanitarian response
2. Promote and strengthen the strong working relationships across humanitarian agencies
3. Have the ability to communicate effectively under pressure
4. Have a deeper self-awareness of leadership strengths and style, increasing their positive impact in a humanitarian situation
5. Have a clear plan and access to the knowledge for continued personal learning & development

The workshop format:

The learning journey is split into three stages to ensure maximum efficiency and long lasting learning results.
First, participants will be issued with self-study material and join into webinars in advance of the face-to-face workshop. At the workshop, we spend three & a half day together to learn from humanitarian leaders with at least 10 years experience. After the workshop, the learning continues through our online discussion groups and access to self-study material.

E-Book with all learning materials


We offer participants an e-book pre-loaded with all training materials, including the Sphere Handbook.

The battery on the e-reader lasts for weeks and includes a backlight screen. It is also light and small. This enables you to take the learning with you and use as a reference wherever you go.
This option costs an additional EUR150,-, payable at registration.

Training Agenda

Here you can download the detailed training schedule.


Standard Booking Fee EUR 850
Early Booking Fee  EUR 650
Group Booking Fee 2 EUR 500 p./P.

1  (booking and payment 4 weeks before course starts)
2  (number of 4 or more people)

If you want to receive an e-book pre-loaded with all training materials, including the Sphere Handbook, 150 € will be added to the training prices.


Does MzN International assist participants in the visa process?

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to support training participants in their visa processes due to the number of applications.

Does MzN International provide a confirmation letter/ letter of invitation for visa application?

  • We can offer a letter of invitation to a training course at a specific location. A confirmation letter can be issued once a proof of payment has been delivered.

Is accommodation included in the training price?

  • Accommodation is not included in the training prices, as we want to leave it to our participants to choose an accommodation in their desired price range.

Does MzN International assist participants in finding accommodation?

  • Once the specific training course location has been chosen we can provide our participants with a list of possible accommodations. This will only be done upon request and will include accommodations at different price levels.

Which meals are included in the training prices?

  • All our trainings include one coffee break and lunch throughout all training days. The only exception is the 4th day of our HM1 training. As the 4th day is only a half-day-session we do not provide any lunch.

Are there any scholarships offered by MzN International?

  • Unfortunately, we do not have the means to provide our participants with scholarships. However, we do offer early booking and group discounts, as described in the pricing section.

What happens to my training deposit fee if my visa application is going to be declined?

  • In case of your visa application being declined we offer the possibility to participate in the same training in a different location later in the year. Should this not be possible, we will return the training deposit, minus the cost of money transfer and currency exchange.


October 1 @ 9:00 am


October 4 @ 5:00 pm


Djibouti City, Djibouti
4 Days
Djibouti, Djibouti

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