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How do we encourage & manage innovation in our organization?

Think2030 sessions are for non-profit leaders. We want to create a forum for a secure, honest, non-political discussion. A time to think, exchange views, share lessons, and build trust by leaders, for leaders.


  • Small Group: No more than 10 – 15 participants per session.
  • Proper Time: Each session will last approximately five hours (10 am to 3pm) and include a lunch break.
  • Guided, not directed: Each session will highlight a specific topic, but the conversation is free to develop.
  • Trust circle: Attendance by invitation only. You can register your interest here.
  • Free: The event is free-of-charge. However, cancellations less than 15 days before the event or “no-shows”, are charged with € 500.


  • Will highlight a specific topic, but the conversation is free to develop.
  • Will be introduced by an expert speaker, then each participant is asked to comment, share, link experience and present their own ideas.
  • Will be by visually structured by a professional mind-mapper and thus provide an amazing insight tool to all participants.
  • Are purposely designed to stimulate free movement, debate with facilitation tools and technology assisted note-taking that can be securely shared during and after the sessions.
  • Are tailored for decision-makers of Change Making Organizations: Social Enterprises, B-Corps, NGOs, foundations and socially responsible private corporations working in the development and humanitarian field

June 1 June 30

Geneva, Switzerland