An interview with Sam Worthington, CEO of InterAction, the largest alliance of INGOs and partners in the US

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In this episode of Chasing Impact, MzN interviews Sam Worthington, CEO of InterAction, the largest U.S.-based alliance of INGOs focused on people around the world. Sam shares his experiences and insights, reflecting on localization vs. global aid, challenging the requirements donors have for giving and reminding INGOs of their original purpose and values.

How to Unlock Innovation in Your Organisation

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To fulfil the social impact sector’s mission, we need to think outside the box to generate creative ideas and see past ‘same old’ solutions. But where do you start if you spend most of your time caught up in the day-to-day running of your organisation? Here we suggest a number of small, practical steps to unlock dormant drivers of creativity and stimulate fresh thinking in your organisation. 

5 Steps for Proactive Fundraising

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The funding environment is changing. More donors parcel up their programmes into enormous grants requiring the grantee to subgrant and/or act as a fund manager whereas other donors are distributing smaller grants, which put an unfeasible administrative burden on the teams to apply and service. However, there are also more donors who want to be Learn more

Short Podcast Series – Chasing Innovation, Funding and Impact with Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken

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Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken, Principal Consultant at Five Oaks Consulting, joins Chris Meyer zu Natrup, Founder and MD of MzN International, for a 3-part short podcast series in which they have candid, thought-provoking - and somewhat provocative - conversations about the future of the nonprofit sector and the mindsets and mental models that shape the organisations Learn more

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