Valentina Ferrante

2021-09-13T19:58:34+02:0013 Sep 2021|

Valentina has spent the past 10 years dedicating her life to the humanitarian needs of marginalized communities in 8 different front-line crisis responses globally. In nearly all of her positions, she has taken lead in developing, implementing and refining humanitarian program strategies. She has a BSc in Biology, a diploma in Tropical Medicine and International Learn more

Sarah Fernandes

2021-09-13T19:57:39+02:0013 Sep 2021|

Sarah is a consultant at MzN working on engagement and communications. She has over 15 years of diverse experience working with non-governmental organizations, private businesses, financial institutions, communications agencies, and the media in established and emerging markets. She holds a MA in Professional Communication with a specialization in International and Intercultural Communications from Royal Roads Learn more

Carolin Gomulia

2021-09-13T19:56:52+02:0013 Sep 2021|

Carolin is a consultant at MzN, focussing on strategy and organisational development, change management and business development. Carolin has 15 years of experience working in the government and non-profit sector developing organisational and resource mobilisation strategies; assisting with programme design and organisational change processes; leading fundraising, and communications. Carolin holds a Master’s degree in Development Learn more

Chloe Dickinson

2021-09-13T19:55:57+02:0013 Sep 2021|

Chloe is a consultant with MzN, focussing on organisational development, change management and strategic business processes. Chloe has over 14 years experience working in international and national non-profit risk, policy, project management and governance, making organisations more effective and accountable. She has studied and worked on climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction programmes, has a Learn more

Ruth Wachsmuth

2021-09-13T19:55:11+02:0013 Sep 2021|

Ruth is a volunteer at MzN, responsible for content creation and communication. She supports the implementation of marketing strategies, creating content for social media, the website and various written forms of communication within the organisation. Ruth has diverse experience working as a content writer and editor for numerous companies and organisations. She is passionate about Learn more

Michael Short

2021-09-13T19:54:19+02:0013 Sep 2021|

Michael holds an MPA (Indiana University) and has worked with several NGOs, including Africare, Save the Children, Counterpart International, and OXFAM on project evaluation, design, and implementation in Africa, Asia, and Central America, and was also Africare’s director/acting director in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Niger, Chad and Eritrea. At UNEP, he supported the development of the Learn more

Joseph Nelson

2021-09-13T19:53:11+02:0013 Sep 2021|

Joseph is a consultant at MzN working on financial change management. Joseph has 15 years’ of experience in the financial services sector and for the last five years he has assisted NGOs with their financial systems as well as their funding strategy. His work in consulting began in the Africa VC space, working on building Learn more

Christian Meyer zu Natrup

2021-09-13T19:51:30+02:0013 Sep 2021|

Christian is the founder and managing director of MzN International. Christian is a governance reform and organisational change expert, specialising in digital transformation and making non-profit organisations financially sustainable. At MzN International, he leads our consulting and training work across 20 countries. Christian holds a postgraduate degree in international relations and is a qualified chartered Learn more

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