Let's do good. Better!

It all started with a simple idea: Let’s build a development consultancy firm where the only priority is to help those in need. Profit, image and politics are all secondary.

Today, MzN International operates as a social enterprise, helping organisations around the world do good – better. We are guided by a strict ethical code, a willingness to challenge conventional thinking and we work a bit differently to what many expect.

A social enterprise

Our mission is to make development and humanitarian aid better. Our top priority is to ensure that our work really helps those in need, in the best way. Anything else is secondary.

This mindset aligns our thinking with that of our clients. All our decisions are made with the efficiency and success of our projects in mind, even if that means hurting the bottom line.

Of course, we operate as a financially sustainable enterprise. All the work we do generates a surplus with which we finance investments in continuous improvement and research.

Our ethical code

We are committed to strict ethical guidelines, including the Red Cross Code of Conduct and other international standards. We refuse to work with organisations that undermine these standards and values.

Challenging conventional thinking

Let’s think outside the box. We continue to challenge assumptions and invest in research and innovation. In 2014, we worked with the University of Bristol to develop a new concept of beneficiary-led aid. In 2015, we worked on the co-developed Humanitarian Impact Bonds to help close the gap in funding for humanitarian assistance worldwide.

A bit different

Because we are a professional services and development consultancy firm operating as a social enterprise, we do things a bit differently. Instead of a lengthy set of rules for our employees, we promote reasonableness and self-responsibility. This keeps internal red-tape to a minimum. In fact, our employee guidelines all fit on just one page.

We promote volunteering, matching the time our staff spend on worthwhile causes with extra time off work. And, of course, our offices are powered 100% by renewable energy.

Let's be truly transparent and open about it!

MzN International looks at feedback a little differently. During our training courses, we ask participants to give feedback both at the end of each day, and at the end of the course. Receiving end-of-day feedback throughout the course allows our trainers to assess where participants stand and to incorporate any suggestions or recommendations from participants in the following day(s). This maximises participant learning and engagement with the course.

The end-of-course feedback, however, is collected not only for our benefit, but also for yours. We publish all of it (yes, the good and the bad), in one comprehensive, easy-to-read document for everybody to see. This extensive feedback helps us continuously refine and improve our courses, and we want you to be able to see first-hand how we are doing that.

So we won’t keep it to ourselves! Take a quick look at a small extract of some of our feedback here.

We not only publish 100% of the written feedback we receive, but also 100% of the verbal feedback.



Wherever we can, we publish
what we do together with our results,
both good and bad.


We have built a strong and
durable company that is here
to stay. We take full account of
our environmental impact.


We attract, retain and develop
the best talent worldwide. We
challenge each other to do better
and adopt a “can-do” attitude.


We take responsibility, are
unyieldingly honest, say what we
mean and match our behaviour
to our words. Always!


Doing good can be done better. In order to become a negative emissions organisation, we calculated our operational carbon footprint  in 2019 and are planting trees through The Generation Forest cooperative to twice offset our carbon emissions.

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Christian Meyer zu Natrup

Managing Director, MsC International Relations & Development

Christian is the founder and managing director of MzN International. Christian is a governance reform and organisational change expert, specialising in digital transformation and making non-profit organisations financially sustainable. At MzN International, he leads our consulting and training work across 20 countries. Christian holds a postgraduate degree in international relations and is a qualified chartered accountant with more than 10 years of experience working in emerging economies and fragile contexts. He continues with research in areas relating to development and aid. In 2015, together with Dr. Adrian Flint from the University of Bristol, Christian developed the concept of beneficiary-led aid.

Email: Chris@mzninternational.com



Pallu is an associate director with MzN, focusing on strategic planning, business growth and programme leadership with 20 years of international development experience in more than 40 countries. Her core experience lies in the reform of government departments and learning lessons to improve future programming and design, and she has led dozens of projects in diverse international development sectors and technical areas, often providing strategic oversight and management for teams operating in challenging FCAS environments. Pallu has spent most of her career providing leadership and strategic direction to enable growth in revenue and technology.

Email: Pallu@mzninternational.com

Joseph Nelson

Senior Consultant

Joseph is a consultant at MzN working on financial change management. He also heads the funding support team. Joseph has 15 years’ of experience in the financial services sector and for the last five years he has assisted NGOs with their financial systems as well as their funding strategy. His work in consulting began in the Africa VC space, working on building financial systems and metrics to improve investment performance. From there, he consulted directly for the EC, working on country strategy papers and fiscal containment plans in the Middle East. He is currently based in our Dhaka office and alongside his consulting work Joseph conducts financial training for MzN and is a parttime lecturer at the University of Bristol.

Email: joseph@mzninternational.com

Michael Short

Senior Consultant

Michael holds an MPA (Indiana University) and has worked with several NGOs, including Africare, Save the Children, Counterpart International, and OXFAM on project evaluation, design, and implementation in Africa, Asia, and Central America, and was also Africare's director/acting director in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Niger, Chad and Eritrea. At UNEP, he supported the development of the IPCC’s GHG Inventory Guidelines and the guidelines for climate change impact/adaptation assessments linked to 13 developing countries pilot studies. Now at MzN, he offers expertise in programme design, proposal writing and donor mapping, including for funding opportunities offered by USAID, DFID, UNDP and several private donors.

Email: Michael@mzninternational.com

Ruth Wachsmuth

Marketing Support

Ruth is a volunteer at MzN, responsible for content creation and communication. She supports the implementation of marketing strategies, creating content for social media, the website and various written forms of communication within the organisation. Ruth has diverse experience working as a content writer and editor for numerous companies and organisations. She is passionate about sustainability, zero waste and equality.

Email: Ruth@mzninternational.com

Chloe Dickinson

Senior Consultant

Chloe is a consultant with MzN, focussing on organisational development, change management and strategic business processes. Chloe has over 14 years experience working in international and national non-profit risk, policy, project management and governance, making organisations more effective and accountable. She has studied and worked on climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction programmes, has a passion for social equality and inclusion, and has lived and worked in Asia.

Email: Chloe@mzninternational.com

Carolin Gomulia

Senior Consultant

Carolin is a consultant at MzN, focussing on strategy and organisational development, change management and business development. Carolin has 15 years of experience working in the government and non-profit sector developing organisational and resource mobilisation strategies; assisting with programme design and organisational change processes; leading fundraising, and communications. Carolin holds a Master’s degree in Development Studies, and another in Development Management. She has also completed the Certificate Course in Business Analysis. She is deeply committed and passionate about social justice and transformation. Carolin is a German national with organic family links to Indonesia and resides for the past 14 years in South Africa.

Email: Carolin@mzninternational.com

Sarah Fernandes

Senior Consultant

Sarah is a consultant at MzN working on engagement and communications. She has over 15 years of diverse experience working with non-governmental organizations, private businesses, financial institutions, communications agencies, and the media in established and emerging markets. She holds a MA in Professional Communication with a specialization in International and Intercultural Communications from Royal Roads University in Victoria, Canada, and an Honors BA with a Major in Canadian Studies and Minors in Political Science & History from the University of Toronto, Canada.

Email: Sarah@mzninternational.com




We are a multinational team of project managers and implementers, thematic and regional experts, business operators and analysts with experience in delivering complex projects for our clients worldwide.

We welcome applications from individuals who are passionate and pragmatic about what they do. What makes us different is our unwillingness to settle and our unrelenting drive to make doing good better.

If you match this mind-set and have the relevant thematic and regional expertise, then we would like to hear from you.

We only accept applications for the  vacancies below and we look at each application. You will be kept informed about every step of the review process. MzN is an equal opportunity employer.  All our offices are barrier free.