Doing business better used to mean generating more profit. No longer. ‘Better’ now means meeting a threefold purpose: planet, people, and profits. Consumers and investors demand it, and it’s about time, as we are less than a decade away from the culmination of the Sustainable Development agenda.

Whether it’s Ikea’s embrace of the circular economy and commitment to making its products reusable, refurbished or recyclable by 2030, or automotive companies in Germany vowing to achieve climate-neutral mobility before 2050, corporations are beginning to do the hard work, and seeing rewards for their clearer visions of the future.

Now that businesses are facing regulatory pressure to step up and integrate ways to fight climate change in their strategies to expand their market share or introduce new products, how can we help them thrive, not just survive? For many companies, mapping out a sustainable future and learning how to comply with increased regulations, can be a daunting prospect. Companies in the European Union with more than 500 employees that have had to report on their environmental, social and governance activities since 2019 are ahead of the pack, making it a race to the green ribbon for the rest of the world.

How We Can Help Your Company Become More Sustainable

MzN has been working with non-governmental organizations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for over a decade. Now we turn to the for-profit sector, with the establishment of our Sustainability Consulting service: a dedicated team to help businesses put the planet and people at the core of their products and operations. We believe that businesses are uniquely placed to both guide this revolution and benefit from its results.

Here are the three steps we take together with you to make your business more sustainable:

1. Evaluate Your Goals

The SDG agenda is 17 goals aiming to change the world for the better, from improved health and education to fighting climate change and improving social justice. MzN will help your business identify which of those goals are most relevant to your activities. Then we evaluate how they can fit your value creation strategy and organisational culture as well as your operations – at every point on your supply chain. We show you how to start this conversation with your leadership, board, investors and employees. Once the roadmap is in place, we set out the metrics to measure it, ensuring progress is measurable, clear and easy to share.

2. Examine Your Operations

Together, we will critically examine your operations, including the entire supply and value creation chain, and implement new guiding principles to identify and minimise harm to your profits, the planet and all people. Our support will create and package the knowledge that your regulators demand, your shareholders crave and your staff need to reduce any harm emerging from  your activities. Ultimately that knowledge can help you reduce costs and comply with regulation, making your business an attractive partner to non-governmental organizations and a demonstration of outstanding corporate citizenship.

3. Establish Partnerships

Together, we can push for meaningful change. Our global networks can reveal the right partnerships for your business, with mandate-driven organisations for example, as one compelling way to make concrete moves towards change.

How MzN Is Doing Business Sustainably

MzN’s history of driving through sustainably led change in the non-profit world shows we are passionate about achieving this. So passionate, in fact, that we’re ready to put a number on it: 70,000. This is the number of tonnes of carbon emissions we are committed to helping our clients cut by 2030, which is 1,000 times MzN’s own annual footprint of 70 tonnes per year. As part of our own evolution, we pledge to make our funding support services available for free to smaller NGOs from across the Global South.

To find out more about MzN’s Sustainability Consulting service, contact us: