International Development

Accountable, transparent and efficient governments make a real difference for their citizens.


We help governments develop and implement more effective, fair and transparent financial management processes.

We work with governments to combine local insight with our technical expertise to build economies and secure livelihoods.

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Improving how governments manage public finances is critical to reducing poverty and promoting sustainable economic development. A well designed and executed budget process is the foundation for better public service delivery and improved economic growth.

We work with governments and civil society to design and deliver more effective and equitable public financial management systems. Our team of experts combine local knowledge with global experience to provide tailored advice and capacity building. We have a proven track record in helping governments tackle public expenditure challenges and strengthen their fiscal accountability.

What sets us apart is our distinct pro-poor approach to public financial management. We understand the critical link between good governance and economic development. With this development-focused mindset, our team creates targeted solutions which improve quality of life for communities.

We have built a reputation in:

  • Budget formulation – we comprehensively review budget preparation processes to identify areas for change and improvement
  • Capacity building – we train and build capacity to promote better public financial management and unlock local capacity
  • Budget monitoring – we design and implement robust monitoring and evaluation tools to promote greater transparency and accountability
  • Public participation – we enhance the capacity of civil society to engage with, monitor and improve public financial management

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Our economic growth team works with governments, businesses and civil society to build a competitive and vibrant private sector, creating jobs and securing livelihoods.

Our MzN teams combine the right mix of trade, agriculture, business, regulatory, financial and technological expertise, supported by our in-house team and combined with deep local insight. What makes us different is our commitment to inclusive growth and a firm belief that it is small businesses and farmers that drive pro-poor economic growth.

As in all our work, we bridge and sometimes align competing priorities between government authorities, businesses and civil society by focussing on project results. We have gained a reputation for combining technical excellence with sensitivity, empathy and a pragmatic work approach.

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