CONTEXT Programme Bangladesh : Workshop 1 Report and Feedback

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The Context Humanitarian Skills Development Programme offers                                                                                            a dynamic and comprehensive approach to capacity-building in humanitarian response. MzN International delivers the Context programme to humanitarian response professionals in Bangladesh as part of a larger initiative to empower disaster response workers in the country. The programme promotes the universal humanitarian standards and best practice, tailored to the specific local context of Bangladesh.



The clear majority of participant’s expectations were met during this training. In fact, over 93% answered that the training met their expectations and explained that they were very interested in concepts such as the core humanitarian standards, the coaching and mentoring module, and the monitoring and evaluation module.

Participants very much enjoyed the practical aspect of the training and the group exercises. They were particularly fond of the Nepal earthquake disaster response exercise and the session on interpersonal skills and team building.

We asked participants to sum up their training experience in word and the most frequent words used were :


Participants felt that certain parts of the training could have been covered in more details such as the problem tree exercise and the coordination of a humanitarian response. In fact, some participants thought the training should be extended to cover certain aspects of the training more thoroughly.





Overall, over 95 % of the participants thought the trainer was very knowledgeable about the course content and most participants would recommend this training to a friend.

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