About Us

Let's do good. Better!

It all started with a simple idea: Let's build a development consultancy firm where the only priority is to help those in need better. Profit, image, politics are all secondary.

Today, MzN International operates as a social enterprise, helping organisations around the world do better. We are guided by a strict ethical code, a willingness to challenge conventional thinking and we work a bit different to what many expect.

A social enterprise

Our mission is to make development and humanitarian aid better. Our top priority is to ensure that our work really helps those that need it in the best way. Anything else is secondary.

This mindset aligns our thinking with that of our clients. All our decisions are made with the efficiency and success of our projects as a top priority, even if it means hurting the bottom line.

Of course we operate as a financially sustainable enterprise. All the work we do generates a surplus from which we finance investments into continuous improvements and research.

Our ethical code

We are committed to strict ethical guidelines, including the Red Cross Code of Conduct and other international standards. We refuse to work with certain organisations that undermine these standards and values. Read our ethical code here

Challenge conventional thinking

Let's think outside the box. We continue to challenge assumptions and invest in research and innovation. In 2014, we worked with the University of Bristol to develop the new concept of Beneficiary-Led Aid. In 2015, we are working on co-developed Humanitarian Impact Bonds to help close the gap in funding for humanitarian assistance worldwide.

A bit...different

Because we are a professional services and development consultancy firm operating as a social enterprise, we do things a bit different. Instead of a lengthy set of rules for our employees, we promote reasonableness and self-responsibility. This keeps internal red-tape to a minimum. In fact, our employee guidelines all fit on just one page.

We promote volunteering, matching the time our staff give to worthwhile causes with extra time off work. And of course, our offices are powered by 100% on renewable energy.

Our Values


Wherever we can, we publish what we do and our results, good and bad.


We have built a strong and durable company that is here to stay. We take full account of our environmental impact.


We attract, retain and develop the best talent worldwide. We challenge each other to do better and adopt a “can-do” attitude.


We take responsibility, are unyieldingly honest, say what we mean and match our behaviour to our words. Always!

Where we work